Statistically sound.

Susanne Schwenke


Statistics (German diploma) with focus on computer science, studies at the Universities of Dortmund and Sheffield (UK)

Experience in the pharmaceutical industry

Biotech-companies and the pharmaceutical industy were my workplace for more than 14 years. My focus  was on the planning and analysis of biomarker-studies in the context of clinical studies as well as in research projects. 

I worked in close cooperation with scientists on projects in different medical areas (oncology, cardiology, neurology, among others) and with various technological platforms (e.g., genetic and genomic arrays, protein panels). In addition to the support in the planning and analysis of studies and the interpretation of the results, I also put emphasis on the scientists' statistical training.

Since 2015 I am part of the SCO:SSiS team and will be happy to support you in the planning of your studies and the analysis of your data.

Major areas of expertise

Statistical methods

  • Visualization and analysis of high-dimensional data

  • Classifier development

Methods in life sciences

  • Biomarker studies

  • Pre-clinical studies (research, toxicology)

  • Laboratory quality assurance

Selected publications

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