Statistically sound.

Dr. Carsten Schwenke


  • PhD in Public Health at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany

  • Certificate "Biometry" of the University of Dortmund

  • Statistics (German diploma) with focus on medicine, studies at the Universities of Dortmund, Bochum, Sheffield and Göttingen

  • Student worker at the statistical consultancy and analysis center (University of Dortmund) and in the department of medical statistics at the University of Göttingen


Experience in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry was my home for more than nine years. In these years I gained thorough experience and expertise in the development of drugs and medical devices, due-diligences and submissions. In addition, I worked in market access as global project leader in specialized therapeutics.
My major working areas were diagnostic imaging, spezialized therapeutics and radiopharmaceutical drugs as well as the area of vaccine development. As biostatistician I supported clinical studies of phases I to IV and participated in the design of development programmes for new drugs.
I am a free-lance statistician in the area of life sciences since 2007. Experience with respect to 'Good Clinical Practice' and knowledge of all relevant guidelines is an essential prerequisite at SCO:SSiS. Since the first benefit dossier in 2011 I have worked intensely in the area of AMNOG benefit dossiers, was envolved in more than 140 procedures and took part in more than 40 oral hearings.

The conceptual design and analysis of clinical and epidemiological studies as well as the support in the preparation of value dossiers are the challenges of my work, which I take much pleasure in.

Major areas of expertise

Statistical methods

  • Analysis of clustered data

  • Analysis of categorical and binary data

  • Analysis of repeated measurements

  • Linear models

  • Design of experiments

Medical research and development

  • Clinical studies (Phase II, III and IV)

  • Diagnostic studies including "Blinded Readings"

  • Regulatoy requirements ("Good-Clinical-Practice" (ICH-GCP), European and US- regulatory systems and guidelines on clinical and non-clinical studies, legal fundamentals of clinical studies

  • Market Access (dossiers according to AMNOG, Germany)

Memberships in expert networks for life sciences

Memberships in statistical associations

  • International Biometrical Society - German region (IBS-DR, IBS Homepage, Treasurer and board member of the IBS-DR 2010 to 2014)

  • Working group pharmaceutical research of the biometrical society (APF, APF Homepage)

Selected publications

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